5 Reasons To Try PetraTools LT-PRO Powered Sprayers

PetraTools LT-PRO battery backpack sprayers used for watering plants

How many battery sprayers have you tried looking for that will tackle all your spraying jobs?

Three, five, or maybe ten?

It’s frustrating because you have several sprayers but none of them can do the job right, even in combination.

They’re just a waste of money, time, and effort!

What should you do to find the right fit then?

The good news is that there are reliable sources of reference you can use.

Customer feedback and reviews are trusted and authentic sources of knowledge.

For many social media influencers and Amazon customers, the recommendations have focused on a sprayer with multiple uses: the PetraTools LT-PRO 2.0.

You can use it as a sprayer or for watering and fertilizing your plants or painting your lawn green. The choice is yours.

But if you want to learn how our unique powered sprayer will work for you, check out what they have to say!

1. The extendable wand is useful for accessing hard-to-reach areas and long distances.

Applying liquid solution easily is just one thing the LT-PRO does. Reaching difficult-to-access areas is another.

This was mentioned by many individuals who found the spray wand extension really helpful.

For an influencer who grows cannabis plants indoors, he can just stand at the front of his tent and allow the wand to do the reaching for him, on the pots at the back.

“I can just reach in without disturbing anything, which is useful,” he said.

Another influencer also likes the length of the wand. He emphasized the distance it creates from him and the point where he sprays.

An Amazon customer talked about how the wand can keep you at a comfortable distance when spraying chemicals, which creates a safe zone.

Jerry a. Muir finds the wand useful for their cattle. They were able to spray an incredible 20-feet away!

Highlight: The metal wand can be extended to provide a reasonable distance from where you’re spraying.

2. The tank has a wide opening for easy pouring and mixing of liquids.

PetraTools battery powered weed sprayers wide mouth lid with screen filter to keep dirt & debris out of tank.

Who doesn’t like a wide mouth for their containers?

Having a wide opening provides several benefits, especially when mixing liquids.

People are seeing this feature as an awesome inclusion about our 4 gallon backpack sprayer.

An influencer finds the LT-PRO very simple to operate and highlighted its wide mouth opening.

He can conveniently pour and combine liquid nutrients for his plants.

Another influencer finds the lid’s handle very valuable. He can quickly hold it to open and close the lid properly.

The wide mouth of the sprayer will also be beneficial for him in mixing liquids.

“I’m very impressed with this over the other sprayers that I own,” he concluded.

Highlight: The tank’s wide mouth can give you excellent space to pour and mix liquids without creating a mess.

3. PetraTools LT-PRO has a long-lasting battery, allowing you to finish multiple tasks in one go.

It’s such a relief to use a sprayer that lasts a long time on only a single charge!

You’ll be able to finish many spraying tasks in one attempt.

That’s why we designed the LT-PRO with a long-lasting lead-acid battery.

An Amazon customer was able to spray three times around their 3,000 square foot lawn, and the sprayer still had plenty of juice left!

“The battery life seems to be really good.”

Kapil G used our sprayer twice for their 7,000 square feet lawn, and it still had extra power left. They love the sprayer so far.

Ethan Tinsman enjoyed extended spraying on a warm spring day because the battery kept going.

It even had a 35% charge left, which is fantastic!

An influencer also mentioned that he likes the battery compartment because he can store the nozzles inside.

It ensures you don’t lose them and allows you to switch to a different nozzle quickly.

Highlight: The long-lasting sealed lead-acid battery can let you consume up to 50 gallons worth of liquid on a single charge.

4. The sprayer is comfortable to use.

Get The Job Done Right With The PetraTools LT-PRO 4 gallon backpack sprayers.

Having a full-featured sprayer can make any job quicker and less grueling than cheaper models. But spraying with increased comfort makes it even easier!

This is true for one influencer. When he first tried wearing the battery powered backpack sprayers, he liked the comfort it provides.

“It feels really good when worn as a backpack.”

Another influencer likes the thick back pads because they feel nice on the shoulder.

“Other sprayers I owned don’t have these nice pads on the back. So, I do like this.”

Highlight: The padded backpack sprayer shoulder straps give you added comfort when you wear our sprayer. You won’t be bothered with shoulder or back pain in the middle of your job.

5. The nozzles included are incredibly flexible for different spraying needs.

Whether you’re using the LT-PRO as a sprayer or for watering and fertilizing your plants or lawn, the brass hose nozzle that comes with the package can cater to all these needs.

An influencer emphasized that the adjustable garden hose spray nozzle is cool because it can bend in any direction. It’s designed to be the most flexible among the five nozzles.

EmilyNJonathan said that they like the stream the nozzles produce. It can reach the top of their two-story house, which is pretty far!

They can also easily apply lawn fertilizers using the garden sprayer nozzle.

Rod J was able to completely mist his fruit trees because the nozzles allow him to reach the top of his citrus and avocado plants.

He can make sure his trees are well hydrated and nourished!

Highlight: There are 5 nozzles included in the package that you can use for your various spraying jobs. The nozzles are cone, mist or straight, double-head mist, single-head mist, and adjustable brass.

Quick Tips When Using or Choosing the Best Backpack Sprayer

  1. Always clean the sprayer with soap and water every after use.
  2. Research on the brand you’re interested in. Check for reviews from existing customers for pros and cons, especially with the product. Know if the company provides customer support.
  3. Lawn and Garden Sprayers are excellent for more accurate, long-distance liquid applications, for a wide variety of spraying jobs, and make a better investment than cheaper models.
  4. If the sprayer comes with multiple nozzles, test each one out first to know which one will be ideal for a specific application.
  5. Always go for liquid solution products with organic ingredients to prevent health risks and machine corrosion.

The Takeaway

At this point, it’s not surprising why people love the PetraTools LT-PRO battery backpack sprayer.

It has an extendable wand, wide mouth, long-lasting battery, allows for greater comfort, and includes multiple sprayer nozzles.

It’s a proven tool that caters to all your spraying needs.

So, whether you’re looking for a misting machine for your plants or turf or you want a powered backpack sprayer, the PetraTools LT-PRO 2.0 is a must–buy on our Amazon store!