6 Gardening Hacks That Save You Effort and Time

A gardener planting crops

Are your crops ready for this year’s fall recipes and Thanksgiving season?

If not, don’t sweat it!

PetraTools is here to help you improve your garden with less effort and time spent, so starting next year’s Thanksgiving, you’ll be sure to have bigger produce and healthy flowers.

Here are our gardening hacks that will make your gardening life a lot easier:

1. Plant Vegetable and Flower Crops Near Your Back or Front Door

Plant Vegetable and Flower Crops Near Your Back or Front Door

Doing this allows you to see your organic garden in clear sight.

You’ll see your planted flowers or vegetables frequently, so you’ll remember to regularly water them.

If your plants are well-hydrated, nutrients from the soil can regularly be absorbed, helping your plants grow healthily.

Healthy plants have higher resistance to diseases, saving you money and energy from buying and applying treatments for this problem.

If you already have an established garden, you might want to consider relocating it near your back or front door, especially if the area gets abundant sunlight.

2. Use Compost to Enrich the Garden Soil

Try adding organic compost to your garden beds’ soil, so new crops can thrive in the nutrient-rich ground.

You can also add the organic material to your existing plants to provide more nutrients to the soil.

A healthy soil minimizes problems, like unwanted insects and diseases, which may invade or infect your plants.

If you’re dealing with fewer insects and diseases, you won’t put too much effort and time into keeping these issues under control.

Having problems decomposing your compost?

It’s time you spray our PetraTools Worm Casting Tea!

Use Compost to Enrich the Garden Soil

It’s a concentrated solution formulated with worm casting extracts that energize beneficial bacteria to feed on the organic matter fast.

It’s safe to use at home because it’s 100% organic.

3. Store Gardening Tools in an Easy-to-Access Area

Store Gardening Tools in an Easy-to-Access Area

It’s always helpful to keep your gardening tools easily accessible anytime in case you need one.

You won’t waste energy looking for misplaced items.

Don’t put them randomly anywhere; instead, keep them in one place that you can quickly access.

Shovels, hand gloves, and sprayers are some of the basic gardening tools you need and will come in handy most of the time.

Secure a place for them that’s safe from rain and direct sunlight.

4. Feed Your Garden Plants Regularly

Fertilizing your plants is one of the major gardening maintenance activities you should perform.

It provides added nutrients to them for stronger root systems, better foliar, healthy blooms, and bigger produce.

Feeding garden plants may differ, though, depending on the crops you planted.

Create a schedule for applying fertilizers, so you have a guide for when you need to feed your plants.

Whether you already have a fertilizer available at home or are still looking for one, try our Organic Vegetable Fertilizer and Fruit and Flower Fertilizer!

Feed Your Garden Plants Regularly

They work on making the roots stronger, crops taste better, flowers bloom healthily, and plants highly resistant to diseases.

This fertilizer combo is a great addition to your gardening solutions hacks to make sure you see your desired results without delays.

5. Check Your Garden Daily

Check Your Garden Daily

Checking your plants for unwanted insects and diseases daily is not always practiced by many gardeners.

This is one of the reasons why it’s difficult for them to control common plant problems.

Make it a habit to walk in and around your garden to check for these issues on a day-to-day basis.

The earlier you spot them, the sooner you’ll treat them and avoid having further concerns.

6. Plant Native Crops

Plant Native Crops

Planting native plants is likely to become successful in growing healthy crops with fewer problems than non-native ones.

Native plants are local crops that can easily adjust to the weather and environment in your specific location.

They also require less maintenance and can thrive regardless of the sudden changes in the weather conditions.

This means less effort and time needed for you to nurture them.

Do your own research in knowing which plants are native to your area, and have them bloom and grow with ease in your yard.

Start Gardening Smarter Today!

It’s never too late to follow these gardening hacks and be wise in managing your time and exerting effort in keeping your plants healthy.

You’ll be sure to harvest delightful fruits and vegetables for your special fall and Thanksgiving holiday recipes along with beautiful flowers to decorate your home for this festive time of the year.

Also, don’t forget to buy our gardening solutions to nurture your plants more effectively.

Visit our website or Amazon store to add our products to your cart and check out.

Happy gardening!