Why You Should Use Chelated Iron to Treat Your Lawn’s Iron Deficiency

A person spraying the lawn

You might have noticed that many homeowners have been using chelated liquid iron for lawns and perhaps you have wondered what it is for.

Chelated iron is significantly different from regular iron supplements because of how it’s processed and how it works.

To help you understand chelated iron for lawns better, let’s discuss what it is, how it works, and how to apply it to your grass.

What Is a Chelated Liquid Iron Fertilizer?

It’s a supplement for plants but processed using a chelator, a binding agent, to retain the form of iron that plants can absorb.

It can be added to your existing fertilizer and other nutrients that your grass needs.

Its primary function is to treat iron deficiencies in plants, especially chlorosis that makes plants unable to take iron nutrients from the ground.

Iron is a micronutrient that’s needed for chlorophyll production to metabolize oxygen in plants.

It helps in the circulation of oxygen in the leaves, roots, and other parts of the plant. This aids in creating the green color of the plant.

When Do You Need to Apply Chelated Iron for Grass?

Basically, you don’t need to supply iron nutrients to your plants because the soil is already very rich in them.

Your grass can directly absorb the nutrients from the ground for survival.

However, iron deficiency can happen, and this is where you’ll need chelated iron.

The most common reasons for having this deficiency are when the soil’s pH is high and iron is drained away because of too much water.

High pH Levels

If your soil has a pH measure of beyond 6.5, iron won’t be available for the plants.

If your soil has a pH measure of beyond 6.5, iron won’t be available for the plants.

This creates a reaction that makes iron bind with ions like calcium carbonate, which will then become solid, preventing plants from absorbing it.

When this happens, your soil will have “pale” lumps scattered around.

To correct the soil’s pH, you need to increase its acidity.

Getting professional help might be the best option to help restore your soil’s pH balance.


Iron leaching can happen when there's too much water in the soil.

Iron leaching can happen when there’s too much water in the soil.

The excess water can drain iron away, making it unavailable for the roots to absorb the nutrient.

Also, if the soil is hard and compacted, plants can’t absorb iron.

Signs of Iron Deficiency in Plants

Identifying the signs of iron deficiency helps you determine if you’ll need to supplement your grass with the needed lawn solution.

The common sign you’ll see is mottled or yellowing of leaves.

The younger leaves will experience the sign first, and the yellowing will spread in the other parts of the plant.

How Liquid Chelated Iron for Plants Works

Regular iron nutrients precipitate, but chelated ones don’t.

Chelated iron has a binding agent that wraps around iron ions to stop precipitation.

This makes sure that iron won’t solidify even if exposed to high pH levels, so the grass can absorb the nutrient successfully.

How to Use Chelated Iron

Chelated iron can be in a form of a powder, pellets, liquid, or granules.

Chelated iron can be in a form of a powder, pellets, liquid, or granules.

However, we recommend using the liquid type because mixing it with water is quicker and easier than the other forms.

Where do you get chelated liquid iron?

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The first thing you need to do after buying our product is read the label.

The first thing you need to do after buying our product is read the label.

This is extremely important in getting the best results.

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Once water and chelated iron for plants are mixed, you can now spray the solution onto your grass.

To get a more accurate application, keep a consistent distance from the grass to your nozzle, around 6-8 inches.

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