Why Your Houseplants Look Unhealthy and How to Revive Them

An unhealthy houseplant with fallen leaves

One of the frustrating parts of growing indoor plants is having days where your houseplants don’t really look healthy.

But what can be even more discouraging is trying to revive them with very little success.

This is why PetraTools is here to guide you!

We are going to talk about why your houseplants are looking sad and how you can restore their vibrant and natural appearance below.

Common Reasons for Unhealthy-Looking Indoor Plants

Too Much Hydration

Wilted houseplants don’t always mean they lack water.

Wilted houseplants don’t always mean they lack water. It can sometimes be a result of over-watering.

Your plants can “drown” when the soil is always wet and oxygen cannot properly circulate.

To check whether your plants have too much water, allow a few days after you’ve watered them before inserting your finger into the soil.

If it feels wet below the tip of your finger, it’s clear that the soil has too much water.

You may also notice the leaves turning yellow or brown.

What you can do to resolve this is to create proper drainage for your plants.

If your pots have holes but you place them on a tray or any surface that catches the water, drain the accumulated liquid immediately.

Keep them away from direct sunlight and lightly hydrate them. Do this until you see the leaves turning back into their original color.

Water Deficiency

If there’s too much water, there’s also less hydration.

If there’s too much water, there’s also less hydration.

Let’s admit it. We occasionally forget to water our plants because we might just be too busy.

You’ll also notice your plants looking dry, and the leaves crumble when you touch them.

The soil seems hard and retreats from the pot’s edges as well.

The solution to this is simple – hydrate them properly.

Place the houseplants in a humid space such as your bathroom and hydrate them regularly.

Do this for several days so the plants can store water again.

Too Much Sun Exposure

Too much of anything is not good.

Too much of anything is not good, and this is why your houseplants can look sad with high levels of sunlight.

You may see spots with “sunburn”, wilted leaves, and dryness on your plants.

Moving your houseplants to shaded corners of your home is the best way to get less sunlight.

Don’t place them in dark areas, and find spots with a good balance of shade and gentle light.

Less Sun Exposure

Less sunlight can cause unhealthiness to your houseplants.

Less sunlight can cause unhealthiness to your houseplants as well.

You’ll notice that your plants will have more stretchy stems when placed in shaded areas.

Relocate your plants in spaces where there is enough sunlight.

How to Revive Houseplants When You Can’t Determine Why They Look Unhealthy

There are times that it’s hard to determine why your plants are looking unhealthy.

This is why you need to try other methods to restore their natural glow.


You might already have tried this, and it’s a good thing you did.

This is especially true if the plants are already bigger than the pots and there is no more room for extra soil.

Repot your houseplants in larger containers and add more healthy soil.

If you’re planning to add compost soil to your indoor plants, it’s important to beef it up for superior performance.

PetraTools offers our worm tea fertilizer that powerfully revives your plants in a healthy way.

It’s formulated with earthworm compost and blackstrap molasses.

It’s formulated with earthworm compost and blackstrap molasses that give vitamins, minerals, and beneficial bacteria to the soil.

You’ll see results in a few weeks!

Remove Dead Leaves

Dead leaves drain nutrients.

Dead leaves drain nutrients, which negatively affect other parts of the plant.

Trimming them gives way for nutrients to nurture other parts where vitamins and minerals are much needed.

It also allows new leaf growth, which is beneficial for the plants.

A pair of scissors can help you cut these dead leaves.

Fertilize Plants

This is extremely important in restoring the health of your indoor plants.

Added nutrients from fertilizers can further promote the healthy growth and natural glow of plants.

But choosing the right fertilizer can be overwhelming considering all the products on the market.

Search no more because PetraTools has a fish fertilizer for plants that encourages healthy growth and good soil condition!

Its formula contains North Atlantic seaweed and hydrolyzed fish.

Its formula contains North Atlantic seaweed and hydrolyzed fish and is cold processed to keep the organic ingredients’ enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients for plants to absorb.

You’ll be sure to see vibrant and glowing plants at home in no time!

Wait for the Plants to Revive

Your patience is extremely appreciated.

The healing process doesn’t happen overnight, so you have to be patient after you’ve done what you need to do.

Allow a few weeks for the plants to get back on track.

The Takeaway

It’s always important to know the diagnosis of your unhealthy-looking houseplants, so you can use the appropriate solution to revive them.

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