How Fast Do Weeds Grow and Why Do They Germinate?

An unhealthy lawn with weeds and yellow thin spots

Weeds are a very challenging lawn problem many homeowners grow frustrated with.

They appear everywhere and can potentially harm the survival of your grass.

You might have already tried many ways to get rid of weeds but were unsuccessful or didn’t achieve your desired results.

Herbicides do work, but to beef up their effectiveness, you’ll need to mix a nonionic surfactant like what PetraTools offers and spray the solution on your lawn.

But before we go further into discussing our surfactant, let’s first talk about weeds’ growing behavior and understand how natural surfactants work.

Why Do Weeds Grow?

Weeds are also plants that need space, water, sunlight, and air to thrive.

What makes them challenging is that many species have a high tolerance to intense weather conditions, which explains why many of them have a high survival rate.

Not only that, other species grow a little bit earlier than many desirable plants, making it challenging for your grass to germinate when weeds are already starting to crowd the area.

As soon as the environment achieves the minimum standards for plants to thrive, many weed species are already germinating.

Why Do Weeds Grow Faster Than Lawn Grass?

why weeds grow quickly than grass

The following are common reasons why weeds grow quickly than grass:

  • Weed species that grow in your property are locals to that environment, meaning they are meant to grow in the type of surrounding you have.
  • Some weeds already have an established root system, making them easy and quick to grow when their season comes.
  • With the ideal environmental conditions, weeds can grow up to 3 inches in a single day.
  • Certain weed species have short life cycles, making rapid growth one of their characteristics.

How Fast Do Weeds Germinate?

As mentioned earlier, weeds can grow up to 3 inches in one day.

This might not sound like much, but if you see a group of crabgrass germinating in your yard, they can be bothersome to your grass in this early stage.

This is why it’s so important to regularly check your lawn before the weed problem gets worse.

Can Weeds Germinate Overnight?

Yes, they can, given the ideal environment with warm weather and rain.

Some species can germinate up to 2 inches overnight, which is mind-blowing!

You can sleep the night without weeds to worry about and wake up the next morning having problems with them taking over your lawn.

Can Weeds Grow Without Hydration?

each species varies from one region to another

One fascinating fact about weeds is each species varies from one region to another.

What this means is some of them can survive with a low water supply.

Yellow star thistle, for example, germinates in areas with prolonged dry weather conditions because it has adapted to this type of environment.

So, don’t be surprised to see weeds thriving despite the lack of enough water supply for many desirable plants.

How Do Herbicides Eliminate Weeds?

Herbicides remove weeds in various ways

Herbicides remove weeds in various ways.

But generally, they should be applied to the unwanted vegetation, so they can penetrate the plant and work their way through destroying it at a cellular level.

However, some herbicides might find it difficult to enter the plant’s inside because of its waxy layer.

This is where you’ll need the help of a surfactant for herbicides.

It is a surface-active agent that can be mixed with chemicals and water.

It works by allowing your herbicide to penetrate weeds more effectively as it breaks down the plants’ waxy coat.

Using a non ionic surfactant is ideal because this type of solution helps your herbicide spread better for more accurate coverage.

Introducing PetraTools Sprayer’s Surfactant for Lawns

PetraTools surfactant weed killer is nonionic

No need to look elsewhere because PetraTools surfactant weed killer is nonionic and can be combined with any type of herbicide, making it a worthy investment!

It’s easy and safe to use because it has no alcohol and is non-flammable.

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