How to Save Water When Hydrating Your Lawn

Irrigation sprinklers on a lawn

Growing a lawn healthily and conserving water at the same time are a homeowner’s dream, especially in the heat of summer season!

Though it may seem like you need to sacrifice one over the other, you don’t really need to.

Not sure how to do that? Don’t worry. PetraTools has your back!

We are here to give you practical ways to help save water while keeping your lawn sufficiently hydrated—killing two birds with one stone.

Let’s discuss each in detail below!

Plant Grass That’s Best for Your Area’s Weather

Choosing the right grass that matches your climate is important to achieve healthy growth.

Choosing the right grass that matches your climate is important to achieve healthy growth.

If you deal with high temperatures and a humid climate most of the time in the year, warm-season grasses are ideal for you.

Cold-season grasses are also recommended if you live in the Northern areas of the country.

If you’re in the middle part, a careful selection is necessary as both types can thrive in the area.

Lawn planning is essential to save water, effort, and time.

Learn How to Properly Mow Your Lawn

Grasses require proper mowing for more vibrant growth.

Both warm- and cold-season grasses require proper mowing for more vibrant growth.

It’s recommended to only cut 1/3 of the grass and making it tall than you might expect. This practice helps prevent the blades from added stress, making the grass absorb more water effectively. Tall grass also produces deeper roots, reaching water reserves into the ground.

Also, avoid mowing when the temperature is at its highest level within the day as it makes the grass lose a lot of water.

When you master these best practices, your lawn will absorb water better and prevent any liquid waste.

Fix Your Water Irrigation System

Conduct regular inspection of your irrigation system.

Conduct a regular inspection of your irrigation system to check leaks or any plumbing problems. This is probably the most important step to save water.

You need to make sure that your irrigation system can cover dry spots and achieve a uniform water distribution.

For areas where less water is needed such as those under the shade, you can manually water them using a quality lawn sprayer. PetraTools offers a line of battery powered sprayers that can cater to this lawn care need.

We have backpack or lawn sprayers on wheels that you can choose from to help you water areas that require less hydration easily.

Each PetraTools battery powered sprayer includes garden hose spray nozzle options that provide different spraying patterns, helpful for hydrating shady areas. You can even adjust the pressure to achieve a more efficient spraying volume.

Use Mulch to Retain Moisture

Mulch is an organic or inorganic material you can add to your lawn’s soil.

Mulch is an organic or inorganic material you can add to your lawn’s soil.

It works by keeping the moisture in the ground’s surface, so the grass roots can fully absorb water. It also helps in blocking the growth of weeds that compete with your grass in taking up water and essential nutrients.

When your mulch’s color starts to fade, you can restore its vibrant pigment by applying a colorant such as PetraTools Black Mulch Dye. Our product effectively restores the natural color of your mulch layer, helping it blend with the soil more naturally.

It’s non-toxic, lasts long, and is resistant to UV light – making it a worthy investment you should try!

To apply the colorant easily, we recommend using any of our sprayers.

Apply Compost to Your Lawn’s Soil

Healthy soil will help retain water better.

How does compost help conserve water for your lawn?

While applying compost to your soil won’t directly save water, it will promote healthy ground. And we know that having healthy soil will help retain water better, allowing your grass to maximize the hydration it receives.

If you want to beef up your compost in an organic way, PetraTools provides worm casting tea to help your soil.

It’s 100% organic, aids in the faster decomposition of organic materials, and is safe for your grass and pets.

Spray the solution with any of our battery powered backpack sprayers for a quicker and more accurate application.

The Takeaway

There are multiple ways of conserving water, and using the right liquid solutions or tools for product applications significantly makes the job a lot easier.

So, check out our website now or visit our Amazon store to see what other products are helpful for your lawn!