People Are Raving About This Fogger…Here’s Why

PetraTools fogger sprayers used for spraying plants at home and disinfecting use.

Have you ever tried becoming a ghostbuster, without actually busting ghosts?

Well, that’s how you’ll feel the first time you strap on the PetraTools fogger sprayers.

People are calling our fogger a “ghostbusting” tool primarily because of its distinctive look.

It’s boxy, and you wear it as a backpack.

It looks like the famous proton pack in the Ghostbuster universe! Isn’t that fun?

But our fogger isn’t just for looks. It’s a feature-packed tool that people find really useful.

Homeowners use it to water or apply liquid products to their plants, while others utilize it for their fogging business.

It’s the multipurpose tool for folks who have lots of different spraying and fogging jobs, and a great imagination!

So, how did our fogger get two thumbs up from social media influencers and Amazon customers? Let’s find out below!

Adjustable Pressure for Various Misting Needs and Better Coverage

Why is it so important to purchase a fogger with adjustable pressure? Well, it gives you the freedom to control your desired volume for every spraying & fogging activity. Sometimes you need a delicate touch, sometimes you need to bring the power!

For an influencer, he likes the fact that he can easily dial the pressure for his desired power to spray his plants.

Chris B. on Amazon couldn’t agree more. To him, the adjustable 20-50 microns gives him better coverage. It’s perfect for his commercial cleaning business.

“Overall I am very happy with my purchase of the PetraTools backpack foggers and it works great for my application!”

Aside from that, the adjustable pressure allows others to get better coverage.

Another influencer highlighted that our fogger provides a great distribution of applied liquid. It coats each plant completely.

Another Amazon review stated that the PetraTools fogger has better coverage than other professional or basic sprayers.

Highlight: The PetraTools battery operated fogger has adjustable pressure that lets you create mists from 20 to 50 microns, allowing you to have wider, yet finer coverage.

A 15-20-Feet Spray Distance for Long Coverage

Carry up to 4 gallons with the heavy-duty straps that make this battery backpack fogger comfortable to use.

Spraying from a greater distance is vital, especially when fogging or applying strong plant chemicals.

The PetraTools fogger accommodates this, with a spraying distance of 15-20 feet.

We didn’t fail to impress our customers because people love this feature!

For an influencer, he likes using it for spraying tall plants.

“You don’t need to use ladders or wand extensions.”

It makes his job a lot easier and quicker.

Highlight: The fogger’s 15-20-foot spraying distance allows you to mist tall plants but also ones far away.

Finer Mists for Accurate and Quicker Spraying

Another excellent feature about our fogger is its ability to spray very fine mists. What does this mean?

You’ll be able to access hard-to–reach spots easily and cover the whole area quickly.

This helps you save time completing your spray jobs. What could take hours before might only need minutes now!

An influencer  finds our fogger an awesome product.

Not only can he save a lot of time fogging but he also saves money! He is able to maximize the solution’s usage effortlessly.

For Chris B., they were able to spray a 4500-square-foot building in just 2 hours after having the outbreak.

Imagine how much time they saved compared to using a low-quality sprayer? A lot!

Tiffany’s review on Amazon highlighted that she was having difficulties dealing with predatory mites.

But when she started using the PetraTools backpack fogger, she was able to get rid of these plant animals effectively in a short amount of time.

Our fogger creates finer mists that cover everything in her greenhouse.

“…this thing is sweet! I can do the whole place in 10 minutes…”

Highlight: Our backpack fogger generates very fine mists to reach difficult-to-access areas and finish spraying faster.

Wide Mouth Opening for Easy Adding of Solution

This battery powered backpack fogger has a large wide mouth opening for filling and a filter to keep dirt/debris out of tank.

PetraTools knows how frustrating it is to pour a solution into a tank with a small opening.

So, we created our fogger with a wide mouth.

It helps prevent wasting of the solution and unnecessary mess!

Chris B. emphasized that he likes this feature. He also commented how much he appreciates the included strainer for filtering out debris.

You’ll find the wide mouth opening to be really convenient…so much so that you’ll wonder how you got work done before without it!

Highlight: The fogger’s wide mouth prevents the waste of solution and mess on the tank.

Comfortable Straps For Tackling Your Toughest Jobs

It could just be a bonus feature for some, but we think it’s a crucial function for a fogger.

When you feel comfortable using the machine, you’ll achieve a smoother flow of work, especially for a grueling job like getting rid of mosquitoes.

Catherine on Amazon finds our foggers very helpful for keeping mosquitos and ticks away.

She can deal with the problem easily because of our machine’s ergonomic design…even for long spraying sessions.

Chris B. likes to walk with our fogger on his back when spraying because it’s just so comfortable to wear.

Highlight: PetraTools fogger for spraying is comfortable and easy to use. You’ll finish fogging tasks quickly.

Summary of the Best Ways to Choose or Use a ULV Fogger

  1. Foggers produce finer mists than sprayers, so if you want better coverage, a fogger is your best bet.
  2. Make sure the company you purchase from provides excellent customer support after the sale.
  3. Always clean the fogger with soap and water after every use to prevent clogging.
  4. Know how many microns or the mist volume the fogger of your choice can generate. Different jobs require a finer mist, but not all foggers can achieve this.
  5. When fogging or using strong chemicals, wear protective clothing to prevent health risks.
  6. Always read the manual before using the fogger, so you know how to operate the machine properly.

The Takeaway

There’s no denying that the PetraTools battery powered fogger is an astonishing tool for plant liquid lawn solution applications and fogging businesses.

It’s a great investment that helps you save a lot of time and money. So, why not take advantage of our battery powered atomizer fogger offer?

Do yourself a favor and get one now! Check the latest price on our Amazon store.