Why Are People Going Crazy for a Cordless Atomizer?

A handheld atomizer creating very fine mists to get rid of harmful microorganisms

By now, you’ve probably seen a version of the Handheld Atomizer that has been going viral.

They go by many names: atomizer, nano sprayer, steam gun, and mist sprayer.

And they are pretty darn cool:

A number of these sprayers have flooded into the marketplace to use for spraying.

There are a wide variety of styles out there, and some are DEFINITELY better than others.

But they are all used for essentially the same purpose: for spraying and fogging on-the-go.

Battery Powered Atomizer Fogger For Cleaning

The reason these are so popular?

Yep – thanks pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, the cleaning habits of Americans have drastically changed, and most people realize that there are TONS of places we hadn’t been cleaning properly.

Car seats, shoes, restaurant menus, gym mats, and even bathrooms.

These ALL need to be cleaned daily, and now it’s a lot easier thanks to the battery operated atomizer.

The portability and long lithium battery life of most of these sprayers have made this really convenient.

So What Does Atomizer Mean Anyways?

The process of atomizing is basically to turn liquid into “super small droplets”. So think of those misters that would cool you off when waiting in line at a theme park on a hot summer day (ah, the good old days).

So why is this important when spraying and cleaning?

Well, basically there are three MAJOR benefits of cleaning with a sprayer:

  1. You save A TON of solutions. You can cover a lot more area with the same amount of solution when it’s atomized. More area + less solution = big chemical savings.
  2. You actually get a more even and thorough coverage when atomized. By atomizing liquid, you can disperse whatever you are spraying more evenly. This goes for cleaning, gardening, etc.
  3. You can typically spray and not worry about wiping up afterwards (depending on what chemicals you are using). Traditional sprayers have bigger droplet sizes which means you had puddling liquid. With nano mist spray, you shouldn’t have to worry about wiping up after spraying unless you are using dangerous chemicals.

What’s The Best Solution To Use With The Fogger Atomizer?

By now, most of us know that using the wrong chemicals to clean can be bad for our health. Like really bad.

And when you are spraying chemicals into the air (vs. just wiping with a cloth), it’s even more important to use cleaning chemicals that are SAFE.

Avoid harmful chemicals when using your battery powered handheld sprayer.

That’s why the best cleaning agent to use with ANY battery atomizer sprayer is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl).

Hypochlorous Acid is commonly known as “Nature’s Oldest cleaner”. It is actually a substance that is naturally made in the human body, but it can be 100.

So what’s HOCl made out of?

Just electrolyzed salt + water. That’s it!

With these natural and safe ingredients, it means that natural cleaning spray (although sounding scary) is actually the PERFECT ingredient to use with our handheld pressure sprayer.

It can be used around people, kids, and pets in a safe way like very few other cleaners can.

No matter what cleaner you decide to use with your handheld sprayers, make sure that it is safe. If you are going to spray something with harsh chemicals, always wear proper PPE and don’t spray on anything where corrosion could be an issue.

Hypochlorous Acid is a relatively new cleaner. But the huge benefits are quickly making it a household favorite and replacing harsh chemicals of the past. Why not switch to the sprayer that’s safer for your family and co-workers?

How Often Should I Spray?

As mentioned further up, cleaning has drastically changed in the past year.

How frequently you spray will largely be dependent on the amount of foot traffic and touchpoints in the area.

If you are at a school or restaurant, you really should be spraying whenever a kid changes desks or a customer touches a seat or menu.

In your car, you are probably safe to do once a day (depending on where you’ve been).

What If I Have To Clean A Large Area?

This new PetraTools Portable Sprayer is great for cleaning small areas.

High touchpoints (like doorknobs, seats, tables, and desks) are the perfect scenario.

But what if you have to clean an entire schoolroom, hospital room, house, etc.?

These probably won’t get the job done.

That’s when we recommend using our Electric ULV backpack foggers.

ULV fogger sprayers are basically a high-powered super-sized version of these handheld mist sprayer.

ULV means Ultra Low Volume, and a ULV fogger actually gets an even smaller droplet size than a handheld sprayer.

The powerful motor means that you can spray 15-20 feet and cover an entire room in just minutes.

And with the 4-gallon tank size, you can cover over 40,000 square feet on a single tank 😮

Summary Of How To Best Use The Battery Powered Atomizer

  1. Not all atomizers are the same. Check out the company selling them and what their customer support is like.
  2. Atomizers are great for 3 reasons: 1) You save the solution, 2) More even application, 3) You typically don’t need to wipe afterwards.
  3. The spray solution you use DOES matter. Avoid spraying dangerous chemicals. Hypochlorous acid spray is a natural cleaner that is more powerful and effective than most cleaners out there.
  4. The spray solution you use DOES matter. Avoid spraying dangerous chemicals. Hypochlorous Acid is a natural cleaner that is more powerful and effective than most cleaners out there.
  5. For big jobs, consider using a sprayer that will save you significant time, energy, and money over time. Buy from Amazon.com.